The Bus Station of the Classical Music Spectrum

I’ve decided to make a concerted effort at maintaining this blog again. And it starts with a description by Nico Muhly I just had to share with someone.

After describing an observation of what he calls the “opera queen”…

“Yes, it’s old white people, but it’s old, gay, intensely educated about opera white people. In New Music, you see, we have Crazy People who, like, pack a lunch to come to an evening concert and unwrap it loudly (an Icelandic friend of mine came with me to the Bang on a Can Marathon and quite correctly observed: “There are a lot of people with walking problems here!”) – New Music is sort of like the Bus Station of the classical music spectrum, for better and for worse. We are talking tuna fish sammich eaty high quality CD player talky khaki pant with relish stain crazy here.”

See the whole post here.


~ by ohactually on July 14, 2008.

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