I kind of passed by all of the headlines about this until now because it for some reason didn’t seem that interesting to me. But really? This is good stuff.

Jerry Springer – The Opera

“The spoofy musical riff on daytime trash TV features talk show host Springer going to Hell to tape an episode with the Devil, Jesus, Mary and God. Jesus is half-naked, obese and spoiled; Mary is a dowdy housewife. There are Crucifixion jokes, Eucharist jokes, the singing of “Jerry eleison” (instead of “Kyrie eleison”) and other bits we really don’t feel comfortable describing in a family newspaper. At the end, Springer emerges as the savior of mankind.” From a Washington Post story

Oh. And of course there were protests.

“White robes. Red capes. “Hail Mary” chanted through bullhorns. Bagpipes — in the rain! For theatergoers, it seemed the show was starting early on the sidewalk out front. For some passersby, it was enough to inspire them to buy a ticket — and help the show sell out.” again from the Washington Post


~ by ohactually on July 25, 2008.

One Response to “Really?”

  1. Well – if art is meant to inspire and motivate, I’m hoping this isn’t the newest trend. The next thing you know, we’ll have spontaneous “reality” symphonies. I haven’t seen it, so it’s an uninformed opinion – but to me, it doesn’t seem very difficult to drag the bottom of the lake for the sludge.

    I’m enjoying these posts, however. 🙂 I’ll be gone for a week starting Saturday, tho, so don’t expect any replies…

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