The Broadway Musical Male

Mark Blankenship and a few others have been noticing that there is an identifiable male character popping up on Broadway in multiple musicals lately. No more Mr. Tough Guy. Instead it’s a male with feelings, insecurities and thoughts.

“‘He’ is a lead character defined by vulnerability, confusion and sincerity,” says Blankenship.

It’s kind of scary that this is actually a noticeable trend. Hasn’t this already been happening in other media forms–for example something as insignificant as mainstream television and film? Is Broadway really just catching on now?

They discuss characters from new shows that I will admit I know little about. But leading males from revivals are also discussed. Do Claude and Berger from “Hair” and Mark and Roger from “Rent” really have that much in common other than they are nothing like Curley from “Oklahoma”?


~ by ohactually on July 30, 2008.

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