More Questions than Opinions

Now that we’re diving into the convention season, there are a handful of thoughts I need to get off of my chest. (Don’t expect anything profound…)

  • When Hillary Clinton finally conceded her defeat it had become something very personal for her supporters. It’s embarrassing to watch these die-hard Hillary fans say that they would rather vote for McCain. A vote for McCain completely undermines their initial support of Clinton.
  • When we talk about Hillary’s disgruntled supporters, the assumption is that we’re talking about working class white women. If Obama hadn’t clinched the nomination, would there have been disgruntled African American supporters in the same way? And if so, would they have as much influence as Clinton’s supporters are right now? I’m not necessarily implying racism (although it is a consideration), but there simply are more women in this country than African Americans.
  • Will the concept of the political speech ever fade out? Communication and discourse will always be a part of politics and social engagement I suppose. We have YouTube debates. We get text messages announcing the Vice President choice. Is a prime time tv speech from a political convention even relevant anymore?
  • Is it really true that the major polls are conducted by making phone calls to land lines? If so, then how on earth are we supposed to take polling results seriously? Obama and McCain are in a dead heat right now–but only among people who on a land line. Really?

~ by ohactually on August 25, 2008.

One Response to “More Questions than Opinions”

  1. Good post. I too have more questions than opinions. I don’t trust polls. I work in statistics and it’s amazing how data can be constructed to show anything you want. I have a problem with the race issue. Barack is half white so I don’t understand how a white person can see him only as a black man. That just defies logic. What if we were all the same color? History teaches us that we would still segment ourselves into different groups. I’m grateful that I don’t have a problem with skin color. I’m not sure how I got that way but I sincerely don’t have a problem with race. It may have something to do with where I grew up. I was a minority, it was a good community, pretty good parents; never really gave skin color much thought as a kid. Still live in the same area and I just don’t see much of a problem with race. Very mixed area.

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