iTunes and such

Thanks to Jean Cook at NewMusicBox for voicing a frustration I have shared many times but never really articulated on my own:

“Music sites that tell you Beethoven is the performer, that ‘Allegro’ is the name of the piece, that the piano soloist might be the Berlin Philharmonic. I find these experiences endlessly frustrating. I don’t understand how something so simple has to be so hard to figure out. (I take that back. I do understand. Believe me, I really, really do. But it still makes me crazy.)” Read it all here.

Speaking of music sites, this article tries to explore the messy future for iTunes as the push for free music gets stronger.

Fortunately, this point is raise right away:

“…there is hardly a majority of record label bosses who think music should be free. Even if you think that high CD prices reward labels far too generously for their investment in finding and nurturing artists, there is still a case that artists should be paid directly when a consumer takes possession of their music.”

But then…

“‘Consumers are showing that they want their music for free, and record labels are finally starting to ask, can we make money from free?’ Mr Arash Amel said. He uses the analogy of television programmes, expensive media content that is free to the consumer, paid for via other means, such as advertising.”

It’s scary to me whenever music making is discussed in this way. And both of these articles are proof that classical music (as always, I’m using that term in the broadest sense possible) needs a better home in the land of internet audio.


~ by ohactually on August 29, 2008.

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