Dear Disgruntled Democrats,

It was so hard for us to imagine any Democrat losing this election for quite a while. And really, up until recently, the Republicans have seemed rather helpless as they watched Obama’s grass-roots movement turn into an international phenomenon.

Now the McCain camp is fighting back, and they’re doing it in ways that have unfortunately but not surprisingly found success.

They’ve done it by essentially trying to run under the same banner that Obama has used since the beginning of his primary–instead of “change” McCain opted for the more rough and tough term “maverick”.

They’ve done it by choosing a running mate who was guaranteed to reserve at least two weeks of headline news–someone who can rile up social conservatives–someone who can trying lure in former Clinton supporters (while ALSO simultaneously insulting them by assuming that these women are willing to entirely abandon their reasons for supporting Clinton in the first place)–someone who can claim Alaska’s proximity to Russia as foreign policy experience and supposedly still be safe from any form of criticism for fear of imposing sexism.

They’ve done it by saying over and over again that Obama wants to raise taxes (a mostly false and certainly incomplete statement) and still claiming to be completely behind middle class families while failing to address why the biggest tax cuts wils go to those who make the most.

It seems to me that the success of McCain’s entire campaign is contingent upon the stupidity of the American people. And in reaction, us “overly-elite” and “grossly-intellectual” liberals are ready to throw in the towel and move to Canada? McCain may think that Americans are too stupid to see through him, but we Democrats can not start to think the same way.

It’s easy to call Obama’s talk about change fluffy and idealistic, but at least for me it was his wide (and yes intellectual) perspective on the issues facing our country and world that won me over in the first place. Simply lowering taxes alone isn’t going to fix the economy. Off-shore drilling alone will not solve an energy crisis. A “victory” in Iraq alone will not end terrorism and insure national security. America does need answers, and it needs solutions to many, many problems. But no President is going to be able to strut into the office and solve these problems. That is the image that McCain is trying to impress upon us. The “change” that Obama is talking about is about so much more than a change from Republican to a Democrat. And it’s also not just a change from America in shambles to a perfectly harmonious world. It’s about a shift from brash narrow-minded politics to thoughtful broad-minded politics.

That is why I’m a Democrat. And that is why I am supporting Obama/Biden this Fall.

Don’t worry Democrats. The country is not as clueless as McCain likes to think.


~ by ohactually on September 17, 2008.

One Response to “Dear Disgruntled Democrats,”

  1. While I hate to look at the sea of red across my stock portfolio, the recent stock market losses caused by the failure of the Lehman Bros., and the bailout of AIG has brought back the public’s focus on the things that actually matter – the ECONOMY. Obama has released some pretty hard hitting ads in Michigan and Florida hitting McCain on Social Security and Energy policy and the polls are starting to show a trend towards Obama. Hopefully he will keep hitting McCain and keep him off balance for next few weeks.

    Former Hillary supporter.

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