I wonder what Michele Bachmann thinks of John Adams…

…the composer. Not the former president.

While reading this article in the Guardian about John Adam’s belief that he has been blacklisted by the U.S. government, I couldn’t help but hear Michele Bachmann’s crazed call for an anti-American witch hunt.

From the Guardian’s story on the BBC3 interview:

“During the interview, presenter Petroc Trelawny asked Adams if he felt that America was living through an age of paranoia that resembled the McCarthy era of the Fifties.

“‘Well it is, and of course Congress has continued to sign off on these Patriot Acts that continue to clip the wings of human rights,’ said Adams, adding that poets, novelists and musicians with left-wing leanings are often watched, including, he said, the American composer Aaron Copland, who was ‘hounded’ all his life. ‘I’m sure the FBI had a large file on him. So we artists assume that we are being followed.'”

Fortunately, nobody really takes Bachmann seriously–except maybe her congressional district that is likely to reelect her despite her opponents recent million dollar boost. But really, Bachmann is just the exaggerated stereotype of the current McCain-Palin-Republican party. And don’t all stereotypes come from at least some aspect of truth?

Bachmann tried to clear things up on the O’Reilly Factor but managed to make Bill O’Reilly actually look like a level-headed reasonable human being.


~ by ohactually on October 23, 2008.

One Response to “I wonder what Michele Bachmann thinks of John Adams…”

  1. Bizarre – I just finished a conversation about John Adams…the politician…before I logged on and saw your title.

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