Just a bunch of white liberals?

ArtsJournal linked to two articles that tackle the lack of diversity in music and in theater–but in two different ways.

The New York Times profiles Imani Winds and drops this discouraging fact from the League of American Orchestra:

“…blacks made up less than 2 percent of professional American orchestra musicians, while Latinos made up less than 3 percent…”

And this from the Sphinx Organization:

“…works by black and Hispanic composers represent less than 1 percent of the orchestral compositions performed in the United States each year…”

Read the whole article here.

Meanwhile Adam Feldman at Time Out New York comments on Prop 8’s effect on California musical theater. Well, more like California musical theater’s effect on Prop 8. (There is at least one obvious and bad joke here, but I’ll refrain…) Read Feldman’s piece here.

There’s an important issues here I think. The liberal media’s got nothing on the liberal arts communities in this country.


~ by ohactually on November 17, 2008.

One Response to “Just a bunch of white liberals?”

  1. For a more complete view of diversity in classical music I recommend the following website: http://astro.temple.edu/~rgreene/BlackComp/
    This includes references and resource information including a comprehensive listing of 150+ black classical composers on CD. These composers span three centuries and as well as continents.
    Interested individuals are welcome to contact me through the website.

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