Do We Really Care?

I’m so skeptical of Gramophone’s list of the twenty best orchestras of the world. Not for any reason other than its inability to answer the question, “Do we really care?”

The fact that anyone claims the authority to make that decision is simply absurd.

According to NPR, the city of Chicago is almost as excited about it as they are about Obama. Chicago Tribune critic John von Rhein couldn’t resist:

“Not to be too Chicago chauvinistic,” he says, “but the rankings confirm what those of us here in Chicago have felt for some time.”

But bravo to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra President Deborah Rutter for this classy response (I’m literally using the same exact quote from Sticks and Drones which led me to this article in the Chicago Sun-Times):

“I think it is safe to say that we are not advocates or necessarily firm believers in lists of this sort, given the subjective nature of these types of rankings….”

“As everyone should know,” Rutter continued in an e-mail, “on any given evening anywhere and everywhere in the world there are ‘best concerts’ taking place by many great orchestras. Music is always a subjective experience, and that’s why there isn’t and can’t be a World Series in our world to firmly, regularly rank orchestras…”


~ by ohactually on November 25, 2008.

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