Goin’ Green

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (and green make-up covered Marcie Dodd) announced a new initiative to shrink the “carbon footprint of the Great White Way.”

The New York Times has the whole story. (Subscription required, I think)

BUT DON’T PANIC! Broadway will still be as excessive and flashy as always.

“The idea is not to turn off the lights and sit in the dark,” said Rohit T. Aggarwala, director of the mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability.

Oh thank god.

Apparently Wicked has already been uber-eco-friendly. According to producer David Stone…

“Cast and staff members of “Wicked” productions use e-mail messages instead of paper whenever possible, and even use bags of frozen peas instead of chemical ice packs for body aches.”

It’s so tempting to just make fun of these people for thinking that frozen peas and emails are enough to save our world from the current environmental crisis. But I suppose that even the smallest steps from such a visible and commercial institution like Broadway can be very influential.

And kudos to Stone for admitting the not-always-so-obvious:

“The theater community has always been at the forefront of social change, and we have been left behind on this one a little bit.”


~ by ohactually on November 25, 2008.

One Response to “Goin’ Green”

  1. Small things can definitely add up. And the PR of the small things, in this case, is probably as valuable (or more) than the actions themselves.

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