Arts Journal is Watching?

I’m a regular reader of the music news collected at ArtsJournal. I’m not sure when I discovered it, but after working at a handful of arts organizations in the Twin Cities I became fully convinced of it’s value. No more scrounging through the New York Times or Washington Post [homepage to leisure to entertainment to arts to performing arts to music to classical music]. The hottest arts news is delivered to you in one neat package–and updated constantly throughout the day. Despite anything else I’m about to say, I am a huge supporter of the service (everything short of actually giving money–a topic for another day).

I’ve recently started to wonder, though, just how these news pieces are selected. And just as with any news delivery service, the possibility for the news “deliverers” to actually shape the “news” is fascinating. Frankly, I don’t follow it closely enough to try to make any kind of analysis, but look at today’s deliveries so far:

On doctors’ advice, BSO’s Levine to miss Tanglewood season (aka “James Levine is still sick”)

Call him ‘YNS,’ the talk of the musical world (aka “Ok everyone, let’s give  Yannick Nézet-Séguin a nickname”)

DIY music (aka “Anne Midgette wrote this, so pay attention no. matter. what”)

I’d love to read some perspective from the people pushing the buttons and cranking the wheels inside the Arts Journal machine. How are articles selected?


~ by ohactually on June 15, 2010.

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